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wtf: washed-up popstar edition

July 10, 2010

oh jessica, jessica.

honey, i know you have been through a lot. i know you get a lot of slack for your airheadedness, your sartorial failures and the way you handle relationships.

but this is really no way to walk around in public. i mean….a sheer orange kaftan? it looks like a bikini cover up.  worse, it looks like one of those georgette prints that you can pick up at liberty. and just wrap it around yourself.

and we all know it isn’t the first time

there was this. the atrocity that started it all.



and more recently, this

there’s more. but i feel it would be unfair to pick on a girl just because she’s put on a few pounds. it would be really unfair if i did it, bcs let’s face it. i am no size 0 myself. woe me.

but i’m telling you, post-nick lachey jessica is a disaster.  it is tragic. oui.

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