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what a shitty day

June 2, 2010

seriously. this isn’t supposed to be a personal whiny bitchy blog. it’s supposed to be about all things shiny and pretty and celebs who fail and make me feel better about myself but my oh my am i having a horrible week or what?!!? as if life is not hard enough already, everyone in the world is going bonkers – from killing innocents who believe something different than you to launching military operations on peace activists. i don’t understand anything right now. it is a scary scary world we live in.


and it’s only tuesday. i am hoping it gets better from here.

in other news – kristen stewart wore a cute skirt today

ok first of all kristen stewart annoys me like no other. she has such bad posture! i have never seen this girl stand up straight. and she’s always got this whole, ‘hey dudes, i’m like…so emo. i’m like totally dark and stuff. i don’t smile. i always look, like, miserable and like there’s a stick up my ass’. seriously. shut up and smile. do it for that cutie rob.

so with that out of the way, let’s get to the outfit. kristen is wearing a jenni kaye (l.a. based designer) yellow mini skirt with a banded waist and ruffle detail in the back. can you imagine yourself wearing anything that accentuates your behind? i cannot. but kristen can, because she is like a size -2. she wears it with a simple scoop neck tee and sergio rossi booties…which kinda make her ankles look funny. cankles? REALLY??

hello sjp. please give me your shoes. thank you.

here is sjp arriving in japan. i kind of love this outfit. is that wrong of me? i have been leaning towards fedoras for a while now. and that jacket. it’s like the perfect leather jacket, fits so well around the waist. and of course we gots to love the gray jeans.

and the shoes…$986 nicholas kirkwood fall 2010 suede turquoise platforms. i am swooning. apparently she is obsessed with these shoes too. she has worn them three (THREE) times, including with the best outfit ever:

how fab. stella mccartney white blazer, zebra print blumarine dress and the heels. this look is perfection.

check out these babies here

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  • mcphisto June 2, 2010 at 2:42 AM

    hey, dont say a word to my kirsten stewart. even though i think ashley greene is hot. but not a word to kirsten.

    • pink255 June 2, 2010 at 1:44 PM

      oh god, not you too…btw is it kirsten or kristen?
      anywho, she annoys me! with that said, doesnt she look awesome here? like she brushed her hair and put some effort into looking presentable. well done k-stew