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(very) mellow yellow

November 11, 2011

or bleh yellow in this case

the infamous gucci dress makes yet another appearance.

sonam kapoor walked the red carpet at hello magazine’s hall of fame awards wearing a bright yellow gown from the gucci fall 2011 collection. i am very surprised to see fashionista sonam wearing a dress which we have seen many times in so many variations all around the world.

but i’m not gonna lie, i love this dress as much now as i did when i first saw it. it is gorgeous and this color is just divine. everyone knows how much i love yellow riiight? sonam wears a silk lining under the dress, obvi the sheer skirt would have been a bit too much for this red carpet.

now let’s get to the bad…

this absolutely delish gown is falling flat on sonam, isn’t it? let us take a look at this dress on the runway. please focus on the insane amounts of fierceness exuding from the model and the dress.

now look back up at sonam. there is something missing, isn’t there?

i think it’s the hair and make-up

with so much going on in the neck area, i wish she had done something else with her hair. a slicked back ‘do, or (since she is known to be adventurous with her hair) a topknot…or even loose hair like rosie. but i think for that she needed a lot more confidence, which is something she seems to be lacking in this dress.

Also, how amazing would bright neon pink lipstick have looked with this? very amazing.

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  • fatima asim November 11, 2011 at 10:08 PM

    looks bad…..like a neck-less toad

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