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trend @ ‘chillar party’ premiere

July 7, 2011

looks like white jeans are everyone’s best friend this season, or just last night.

kangana, amrita and ragweshri all opted for white jeans at the chillar party premiere last night.  and i gotta say, all three of these ladies are looking stellar.

kangana hits it out of the ballpark with her neon yellow button down shirt, the color is divine with white. i wish the jeans were a bit longer, they look a little strange around the ankles. but i am loving her beaded white platform heels. so fun. i also wish she had gone with a tan/brown bag – too much white happening when you notice the bag on her shoulder. i won’t comment on the sunglasses, she is a diva after all.

already discussed amrita in the previous post, love her use of colorblock on this occasion. two thumbs up.

aaand rageshwari – she can do no wrong. she is just so chic, all the freakin time. her nautical outfit is perfect for a weekend at the hamptons, dontya think?  her outfit is actually perfect for her, right down to the espadrilles. bravo.

so refreshing to see well-dressed people who aren’t trying to be overtly trendy.



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