October 1, 2015

My major reason for wanting to visit Turkey were the historical treasures the city had to offer. Major landmarks from the ancient Byzantine and Ottoman Empires are scattered throughout the city; the most popular being Hagia Sophia and the Sultanahmet (Blue) Mosque.

We reserved all of our sightseeing for one day. Everything we wanted to check out was within walking distance and we were smart enough to get a museum pass so we were able to save time by not having to stand in lines (you can get the pass online or at most major museums)

We obviously took 800 pictures but I am just sharing some favourites with you. We spent the most time in the Hagia Sophia – it was absolutely UNREAL. I am a total history buff and every corner of the structure took my breath away. It is impeccably restored (as were all the sights we visited) and literally takes you back thousands of years. From the different kinds of marble on the walls, to the massive iron chandeliers and frescoed ceilings – there is so much to take in. If you love history, it is one place you have to visit. I won’t bore the rest of you by my continuous gushing.

The Blue Mosque is a 2 min walk from the HG. In my personal opinion, the Mosque has a more beautiful exterior than the HG. When you see it on the horizon from the water, it is an unreal site. Ottoman tiles in blues and reds cover the interior from floor to ceiling, it is a visual treat.


View of the Blue Mosque from Sultanahmet Square


Inside the beautiful Blue Mosque


The Blue Mosque dome


Yellow, green and a whole lot of details


Inspiring and HUGE…inside the Hagia Sophia


Patchwork of marble inside the Hagia Sophia


The massive dome of the Hagia Sophia adorned with Islamic calligraphy


Iron chandeliers and iconic medallions


Sweaty and tired but had to get the tourist selfie

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