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Travel Guide: Istanbul Pt. 1

September 28, 2015


This Eid, my husband and I finally got the opportunity to travel after 3 years of being married (constantly moving cities and changing jobs left us with conflicting schedules) It wasn’t [too] hard for us to choose a destination. As a lover of history, it is no surprise that Istanbul is a city that has always enticed me. And as a professional chiller, the husband was quite curious about the cool local crowds and nightlife we had heard of – so off we go.


In case you are planning to visit Istanbul in the near future, here is an overview of what you might need to know, I will be following up with more detailed posts about my experiences.

Where to Stay: The Galata district is ideal for people who want to feel the buzz but not be overwhelmed, it’s much cooler and less congested than the more popular Taksim and Sultanahmet regions. I personally preferred the Asian side of the city because it was so chilled out and there were almost no other tourists.

What to Do: SO MUCH. On top of your list should be historical sights like the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque and Galata Tower. Other than that – there is GREAT shopping (Grand Bazaar and Istikal Caddessi), gorgeous restaurants and clubs along the Bosphorus and a lively nightlife.

What to Eat: Authentic Turkish cuisine, with my favourite being doner (kind of like a Greek gyro). My husband loved having a traditional breakfast everyday chock full of bread and local cheeses. Turkish tea and coffee are, of course, a must (although I find the latter a bit too bitter). There are little cafes dotted along every street, and you can’t go wrong.

Watch this space for more pictures and detailed rambles all this week


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