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transatlantic ditto: deux

August 4, 2010

three ladies. one dress. i love this. i get so very giddy when i see more than one person wearing the same outfit.

sometimes i think i need a life. but eh, we all have our flaws.

my girl-crush sonam kapoor, british tv presenter konnie haq and model kelly brook wear the bubble sleeved dress by topshop. sonam wears the dress in delhi while promoting her movie aisha and the other two ladies wear the dress in britain.

the dress in question

it’s a cute dress, and there are polka dots (!!!) and it’s affordable.  i’m not going to complain. however, i do wish that sonam had not paired it with that maroon hat, it looks a bit odd. and why does konnie haq have that ridiculous plastic slip in her hair? i want to slap someone. why would a grown woman wear that? esp a grown woman who appears on television for a living.

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