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transatlantic ditto

November 15, 2011

once again, we have a case of transcontinental divas making the same fashion choices.

the question is, who works this feathered givenchy dress better?

heiress petra ecclestone wore the dress to an f1 event earlier this year, she paired the high-neck dress with a white bodice, lace waistband and black feathered skirt with diamond statement earrings, sultry eyes and strappy platforms.

bollywoodista (i totally just coined a term) jacqueline fernandes wore the fun dress to the hello hall of fame awards last week. a bouffant ponytail and bright pink lips complete her look. i am a bit let down by her shoes, they look stupid.

so who wins? i love petra’s smokey eyes and she definitely wins in the show department but those dangling diamonds scream ‘overkill’. jacqueline’s lipstick is great but the foundation is off, and her ponytail looks kinda dead at the ends. and of course the stupid shoes.

such confusion. god help me.

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