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the wedding of the year (?)

August 26, 2011

i swear there have been like 27 weddings of the year already. just wait till mine rolls around. ka-pow. kim kardashian’s wedding was much anticipated, with people going as far as calling it the american royal wedding. really?

we all knew that the wedding would be over the top and flashy.  and it was in many ways. but it wasn’t as exciting as i hoped it would be. there was nothing memorable or great about it, it was literally a scene out of a tv show. guests complained of the whole thing being awkward and the poor groom’s family being appalled by the $20 million, black and white extravaganza. and judging from the pictures, everything looked a little….crowded.

kim wore 3 vera wang couture gowns; one for the wedding itself, one for the first dance and one for the dinner reception.

the wedding gown was ok – lots of volume and some lace. but it looked very typical. i think she should have gone with sleeves. they just look so elegant. wish she had chosen something fabulous and with more personality like nicole richie.  and i honestly don’t know what she was trying to with that headpiece but it pretty much ruined this entire look for me.

as for the other 2 gowns, i know kimmy k was going for old hollywood glamour, but she looked like she was in costume. she usually looks great with perfect hair and make-up but i felt they both disappointed on her big day.

it’s just so lack-lustre isn’t it? i feel that if you are getting the chance to wear 3 dresses, and 2 of them are white, then you can be a little risky and chose a dress with more color or a daring silhouette.

my favorite has to be the white dress with the ruffled, cascading fishtail. it is definitely the most chic.

strangely enough, the bridesmaids look better than the bride [gasp – the horror] i find their dresses are much more beautiful.

is there a thing as too many diamonds? kim k just made me believe that there is.

i’m sorry but that ring is just ridic, and the band to go with it is even more ridic. it all just looks so vulgar. wouldn’t it be much classier if she just gave up a few carats and the rings looked normal? no comment on the headpiece, i have said enough. andd the bracelet? i’m not sure how i feel about it, would’ve worked without the 2 ‘k’ thingy’s. we aren’t in junior high people.

he is literally grabbing her ass.


personally, i thought khloe’s wedding was a lot more visually appealing.

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