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the manish malhotra brigade

February 3, 2011

at the recent filmfare awards in india, the stars came out in their full glory. in their full manish malhotra glory that is. he was definitely the most popular designer of the evening – although not the most original.  let us take a look at the outfits.

can i just say, it is so so so refreshing to see indian ensembles on the red carpets. the girls look so much more beautiful in indian clothes than the western attire they choose to wear. but that’s just me.

:: kat ::

katrina kaif wore a lot of eastern outfits while promoting tees maar khan, for those events she stuck primarily to designer rocky s so it was quite a surprise to see her in an mm outfit. ok so let’s talk about this outfit…it seems like a hybrid between a gown and an anarkali…a shorter length might have helped dismiss any confusion but alas, that is not so.  the white part is lovely, the nude overlay- not so much. the sheer bodice is also not working for me, it makes the outfit look more like a performance costume.  and is she not looking more plastic than usual? no, this is not my jealousy talking.

:: kajol ::

in a bag full of iffy clothes, leave it up to kajol to pick the fugliest one. that is all.


:: madhuri ::

ah madhuri. i will always love her. bubblegum pink might not be the best choice of color for someone her age, especially when paired with what looks like a bathroom chapal. she kinda reminds me of an indian tinkerbell in this.

:: raveena ::

raveena’s black anarkali was perhaps the most toned down of the night. but it is a version that has showed up in every possible color and variation known to man in the last two years.  and she’s lookin a little strained in the neck area. what’s going on with that?

:: urmila ::

ok i have been reading mixed messages about this look on the blogosphere, but i will say it. i love this ensemble. the band collar, the white, the embellished bodice, the peekaboo red – i love it all. her hair is perfect, those earrings are perfect. what a vast improvement from her last appearance.

:: preity ::

this is undoubtedly the best mm look of the night. preity went the sari route with a sheer, deep red sari coupled with a velvet blouse.  nothing new or creative but perhaps that is why it works so well.

which one is your fave?

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  • pakimom February 3, 2011 at 6:12 PM

    I love what Urmila is wearing. I am a sucker for anything flowy and white with just a hint of color and she has done it to perfection. I wish she would come back with some huge Yash Chopra movie … something like Silsila … and silence her detractors once and for all.

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