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the bigger the better

July 8, 2011

when it comes to dresses of course.

yes i would be this giddy too if i was wearing this GORGEOUS piece of art.

fo’ real son, emma is all sorts of gorgeous here. – from the frou-frou dress to the longer, darker hair. f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s

emma wears the show-closing dress from the oscar de la renta fall 2011 collection.  the dress has an embellished beige bodice which offsets the icy-gray hue of the giant skirt. i love. this dress, peculiarly, has a very marchesa-esque feel to it.  on the red carpet it gives me the same vibe as olivia wilde’s oscar gown.  anywho, i love it.

i love the drama, i love the glamour. this is what red carpets should be all about.

it would have been great it emma decided to do something else with her hair – tell me, how insane would a spiked up style look with this overly feminine gown? although i love the darker, grown up version of her pixie, this would have been the perfect time to try something different.

love those diamond and tourmaline boodles earrings.

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