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June 23, 2010

cheryl cole tweedy (?) is freakin adorable. is she not? or at least that’s the image her people have managed to [successfully] create. for me, she will always be the crazy biatch who kicked some chick’s ass in a club bathroom circa 2003.

currently, cheryl is known as britain’s sweetheart – beautiful, down-to-earth, wronged cheryl with the doe eyes and the sweet dimples.

cheryl is also one of the judges of britain’s x-factor, a show i have absolutely no interest in, but i do like to keep an eye on what she and danni (minogue) wear.

at auditions held in london yesterday, cheryl went all summer chic.

she is wearing a georgette versace versus dress from the fall 2010 collection with black and white louboutin bikiki heels from the f/w 2010 collection.

i gotta say, i am loving the dress. it is perfect for daytime, perfect for summer. the ruching detail on the bodice and the pleated skirt give the dress a youthful flirty vibe – just what someone fresh on the market needs. and that tangerine color is so gorgeous on cheryl.

let’s talk about the shoes.

i die.

i love them. i do. houndstooth is one of my most favorite things in the world – put houndstooth on a 6 inch heel and i’m good to go.  however, the red sole is just clashing too badly with the orange of the dress.

these babies deserve to be the focal point. i think cheryl should have gone with a nude platform or a fun printed sandal. just not black and white.

i also feel that the dress was alone to make a statement, such loud shoes were not necessary. two statements in one outfit just leaves people confused.

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