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suit up

September 29, 2011


i have never seen a man anyone look so good in green.

seriously though, he is putting george clooney to shame. that is saying a LOT.

we all know that ryan knows how to rock a suit like no other.

that suit is like divinity shining down on him. i have rarely seen anything so perfect. ok it’s obvious i’m just a little enamored.  slightly.

ryan’s dark green suit at the idles of march premiere is such a refreshing change from the usual black, grays, browns and navy. this just shows you that it is possible for a man to do color without seeming overly flamboyant. ryan’s bespoke gucci suit is oozing sophistication and style. a matching striped tie with a white shirt finishes off this crisp look. his hair is slick and the slight stubble is adding immeasurable amounts of sexiness. kapow!

this really has to be one of my favorite male moments on the red carpet. he has outdone every other man when it comes to suiting up. let’s see if he can outdo himself in the future.

so what do you guys make of this? do you like this color for a man’s suit? i think it is daring and requires a strong personality to pull off.  anyone who wants to opt for this look has to have tons of confidence in order to give off the same sex appeal as ryan.

pictures credit: zimbio 

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