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Street Style Queen: Taylor Swift.

December 2, 2012

Taylor Swift has never really excited me. There is no denying that she is a talented, very beautiful young lady – but that was always about it. I always kind of dismissed her as the pretty, saccharine sweet starlet with a head full of perfect curls and the squinty, angelic smile.

So imagine my surprise when I was going through images of random Taylor Swift sightings and saw that the girl has some pretty amazing personal style.

We are all used to seeing Taylor at awards shows and red carpet events wearing sparkly, princess dresses in muted colors with the same hair but her street style is much simpler – yet really interesting.

I think I have pretty much chronicled her street style looks from the last year, and some from 2011 (psychotic, I know)

I think I can sum up her style in 3 words: feminine, classic, sophisticated. Her basics are a good pair of colored flats, a boxy shoulder bag and those trademark red lips. I find her style to be really reminiscent of Jackie O.

Are you ready to see some of my favorite looks?


Cropped skinny trousers seem to be Taylor’s go-to bottom of choice. She wears them often,  pairing them up with brogues or slippers and a bag in an earthy tone.

I am obsessed with Taylor’s polka dot French Connection sweater with burgundy trousers – j’adore! The girl also really loves Ralph Lauren bags, she carries them the majority of the time.

Feminine, mostly fit and flare, dresses are also a staple of Taylor’s everyday looks. She sometimes glams it up with, like her colorblocked look, but mostly she wears easy, flowey dresses with her trademark colorful flats and purses.

Shades of yellow seem to be Taylor’s faves – she has been spotted wearing variations of the hue around town. How absolutely adorable are her frocks? I love that she does the color-blocking so well and in such a subtle manner.

So are you guys loving Taylor’s style or is it just me? She totally gives off that retro, sophisticate vibe doesn’t she?

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