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staying classy: lindsay lohan

August 25, 2011

kim k’s much anticipated wedding was as anti-climactic as they get – with nothing memorable, beautiful or over-the-top about it. it was just a regular old black n’ white affair. with lots and lots of celebrity guests and no one looking too fabulous.

but let’s talk about this ok.


i don’t get it.

i really really don’t know where to start – the fake tan, the platinum hair, the soggy boobs….

do ya all know this is the alice temperley same dress pippa wore to kate’s reception, alice must be pulling her own hair out.

i cannot even begin to express how trashy she looks.

let us take a closer look at her face (apologies in advance)

plastic. surgery.gone.bad.

i kind of want to rip my eyes out of my head now.

ok bye.

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