‘silk’ by fawad khan

the last thing i expected from heart-throb fawad khan was a clothing line. but lo and behold he has done it. it seems like everyone in pakistan wants a piece of the fashion retail action, even abrar ul haq has a line.

fawad and his wife, sadaf, came together to create silk.  speaking about silk, fawad khan said: “silk was born when sadaf and i decided to collaborate to make our vision, for women to dress in simple clean-cut styles in rich fabric, a proper venture. With our brand, we have endeavoured to branch away from the lawn focus and instead pioneer a new focus on premium fabric promising quality in design and stitching.  

i am actually pleasantly surprised by the designs. they are simple, clean and trendy. i especially love the colorblocked, floral shirts; they have a strong international feel to them. the line is priced from rs 5,500 to 12,000/-

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