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shoe swap: matt bomer

January 19, 2012

matt bomer is a sight for sore eyes is he hot? i am obsessing over his geek-chic look: the navy shawl cardigan, the thick rimmed glasses. le sigh. this entire outfit gets an A+ in my book…that is, until i look down to his feet. eek. time for a shoe swap


matt’s bulky brown boots are awful. they weigh down his whole look. i came up with three options which would have worked superbly with his look:

1. zara topstitch blucher:  i love this shoe because it plays up the formality of the look (i.e. the tie) and is a much better color than the dark brown matt is wearing. the shoe is sophisticated and chic and perfect for this look.

2.  zara corduroy sneakers in khaki. a great choice because it keeps with the casual-ness of his outfit while providing a contast on the same dark color palette.

3. zara suede moccasin: i know this ventures into much-match territory but i really don’t care. i think this is perhaps the most fashion-forward of the three options and i would love to see a man rocking blue moccasins.

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