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shine on

September 30, 2011

camilla belle made a statement at the gucci museum opening in florence, italy by rocking a sparkling dress from the resort 2012 collection. the upper part of the dress comprises of a gold shell tank covered with tiny sequins, the bottom half features black sequins running in horizontal panels. a gorgeous matching belt with shimmering black and gold flowers add more oomph to this already high-impact look. i love how the addition of the belt doesn’t seem to overdo the shine. i am a girl shamelessly obsessed with sequins so my heart skipped a beat when i saw this.

gucci pumps and a black gucci clutch complete this stellar look.

i do feel like camilla disappointed in the hair department, she should have slicked her hair back or gotten a good blowdry, these curls are in bad shape. is it me or is everyone just stepping out with bad hair nowadays? its so frustrating! they have professional stylists at their doorsteps and yet they make these mistakes. le sigh.

camilla is also one of those girls who can rock a mean bold eye, i think that would have been a killer way to enhance this look. the gold rimmed eyes seem to wash her out slightly. also, a bit of a tan never really hurt anyone.


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