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March 28, 2011

you know, ashley has always been the more sanely dressed of the olsen twins. just last week she killed it in a gorgeous white suit and satin manolos. and now she does it again.

i digress from the outfit for a bit – the thing i like about the olsens is that they wear what they want with so much insane confidence, that you are almost scared of faulting them. i mean they go out wearing stuff like this and this with so much nonchalance that you’re like eh maybe i’m the fool. with that said, ashley has always made some interesting fashion choices.

at the premiere of le comte ory at the ny metropolitan opera last week (an event presented by ysl whaaa wha), ashley wore a lovely embossed shift dress by ysl; this dress is sophisticated and chic – perfect for the event. what really makes this look memorable is the green fur stole. seriously, who woulda thought. the stole just takes this look to all different levels of fabulousness. what would have been an otherwise run of the mill lbd is turned into something more. way more.

ashley finished off her look with a messy updo, flawless skin and smoky eyes.  good to see her lookin’ dewy and healthy and not 45.

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