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red hot

June 8, 2011

ya’ all may remember me tweeting about drew barrymore’s new red tresses a few days ago. turns out i’m still as obsessed as i was then.

i just love this shade of red (on her) the deep tone is rich and super trendy. not everyone can pull off red hair without looking ridiculously tacky, but the color had a sort of revival this year with many celebutantes giving it a try.

the positive side of opting for red hair is that there are so many colors available – deep burgendies like drew’s to a lighter orangey hues like kourtney kardashian.

if you decide to take the plunge and dye your hair red this season, remember this:

  • red looks best on lighter skintones, esp pink tones. if you are olive or golden skinned (which most of us subcontinental chicas are) you might want to opt for just a tinge of deep red, maybe in the form of chunky streaks or tinted tips.
  • red hair dye washes out the quickest. use a mild shampoo and do not wash everyday.

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  • Mish June 9, 2011 at 12:41 AM

    nice tips!!!