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red flop: the ‘no one killed jessica lal’ premiere

January 8, 2011

i do believe the title of this post will make sense once you lay your eyes on this:

[click picture for higher resolution]

at the premiere of their new film ‘no one killed jessica lal’ (which is apparently/ surprisingly pulling in the crowds) vidya and rani overdosed on the red.  as much as i enjoy the camaraderie between two actresses, this just makes me want to pull my eyes out a little bit.

however, i do appreciate the fact that they tried to kill us with red in such distinct styles. let us scrutinize further.

:: vidya balan ::

vidya balan does not steer far from her comfort zone for important events such as these.  she has one path from which she shall not stray:  sabyasachi. although this sari is much different than sabya’s usual stuff, i would have liked to see vidya shake things up a bit. the red is lovely but the catch with wearing a red sari with gold embellishment is that it will inevitably give off bridal vibes.  vidya shoulda saved this sari for her wedding and pulled out one of her crazy ass/memorable sabyas for this event.

and maybe brushed her hair too.

:: rani mukherjee ::

soooo what do ya all think of rani here? rani is one of those actresses who can be quite versatile with her style. she does not have the best body or the greatest style, but there are times where she finds the perfect look for herself. unfortunately, this is not one of those times. rani is wearing a hot-red donna karan dress. and it ain’t doing her no favors. the draping on the dress is not flattering AT ALL and the length cuts her off.  if this was a simple dress with a fitted waist and some pleated details it would have worked wonders. the color is fabulous on her and as always her hair looks great. she could tone down on the make-up though, looks a weeee-bit plastered on. and that completely unnecessary necklace. seriously, i wait for the day these stars invest in some good stylists.

also, is it me or does rani look like she is trying way too hard to look young and hip? i love her so it pains me to say this –  get it together sista friend.

on the contrary, check out rani looking absolutely perfect on her appearance on ‘koffee with karan’. that hairstyle is a dream.

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