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promo tour: andrew garflield for ‘the amazing spiderman’

June 28, 2012

watch out ryan gosling, you have some competition (not in the hotness area, just in the best dressed man at a movie premiere area)

andrew garlfield made almost as much waves as emma stone on the international promo tour for the amazing spiderman. 

from burberry to phillip lim, the brit actor does casual well. i love the teal jeans…come on, how many guys can carry that off? i love the casual aloofness of his photocall looks.

but his suits which really had me swooning.

gorgeously cut suits in unexpected colors were andrew’s strong point. i mean, check out that beautiful blue.  and the burgundy! le sigh. ryan g and r-patz have done the burgundy suit thing already but andrew’s suit fits him impeccably well.

this is the first time that an actor is doing as well as his leading lady on a promo tour. and please do notice the color coordination between the two.

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