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May 6, 2011

how freakin adorable is kate hudson? no seriously though, i think she is so cute. much more so than that annoying mother of hers. and i love her in bride wars,  i know, my taste in movies is questionable.

so we all know that kate got knocked up right? she has got to be the best dressed mother-to-be on the radar right now.

at the ‘mindup’ hawn foundation event, kate wears a beaaaautifffulll green leopard print maxi by (who else) dolce and gabbana.  i love the extra fabric around the neck, it gives the dress a very formal sophisticated vibe. forget the fact that it kinda reminds me of a dupatta. but it looks chic, so we will let that fly. she carries a patent leather edia parker clutch to finish off her sleek look.


at the premiere of her new movie ‘something borrowed’ kate wears a gorgeous versace dress from the fall 2011 collection. i am in love with this pale yellow chiffon frock.  honestly this is the most beautiful i have ever seen kate look. kinda makes you wanna go out and get preggers. or just wear a yellow dress. either/or.

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