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August 18, 2010

i’ve been very slow to blog this week…just a wave of laziness brought on by a wave of obesity. so i thought i would save everyone the hassle and post about all of my favorite looks of the week in one post. considerate? i know.

christina ricci in louis vuitton

i think i have mentioned in an earlier post how christina ricci creeps me out a lil bit, she still does. i always start thinking of the adams famil…then the theme song starts playing in my head. it is all very upsetting. with that said, i must admit she looks absofreakinlutely lovely at the launch party for the new blackberry torch (i must have!). she is wearing a printed silk shirt and black pencil skirt by louis vuitton. she looks sophisticated and polished, i love the new hair too. it is such a flattering color and cut.

sjp in donna karan

my girrrrl sjp is workin them neutrals, mixin and matchin. love the combination and layering of the khaki and the gray and topping the whole look off with flats. she is so fall-casual chic here, perfection.

ri-ri in stella mccartney

rihanna and her crazy red hair took  to the streets of london wearing a gorgeous lace stella mccartney dress. this dress is so perfect on her – the perfect cut and the perfect fit for her body.  it’s almost making me overlook the hair. almost. it’s been a while since rihanna stepped out in something that wasn’t absolutely insane. good choice.

soniya mehra in zara

soniya mehra wears a beige zara frock with a homemade headband. i love her with her coocky self. it’s a nice change from the skintight minidresses we see on the rest of bollywood starlets.

olivia palermo in susan woo

i love love love this outfit. the printed skirt paired  with that gorgeous red top is perfect. i love the shoes too. and seriously, how is her hair always so shiny. what is going on with her? is it like a secret of the super-snobs?

kristen bell in stella mccartney

i have just noticed that kristen bell is always killing it on the red carpet. could she be my new girl crush? COULD SHE? i haven’t decided yet. i love nude paired with any color so i automatically fell in love with this embroidered stella mccartney dress with an organza overlay. such a fun, unique silhouette.

selena gomez in zac posen

selena gomez is the coolest teenage star to come out of that vicious disney machine. she always dresses appropriately yet fun (take notes miley cyrus) here she wears a white zac posen – the dress is completely simple in the front, but it is the silver mesh overlay on the back which catches attention.

lea michelle in naeem khan

let’s ignore the pseudo-smoldering look on lea’s face and focus on the dress. i love the sequined leaf print on this dress. naeem khan is really amazing, i have yet to see a dress by him which i did not like.

beckham in an outfit every man must own (minus the chain)

i don’t have words.

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  • mcphisto August 18, 2010 at 1:46 AM

    i actually have that same outfit beckham is wearing :P minus the chain (and tattoos) ofcourse.

    • pink255 August 18, 2010 at 3:55 PM

      minus the face too

  • sovina August 19, 2010 at 11:53 AM

    hey …i was googling some images and ur blog came up..i am so glad to discover ur have a fab fab blog with great pics :)

    love it..

    • pink255 August 19, 2010 at 3:22 PM

      thanks sovina,
      i just checked out your blog too. it’s so colorful and fun. keep visiting!