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opening- louis vuitton santa monica to benefit ‘heal the bay’

August 25, 2010

celebutantes and other randoms took over santa monica for lv’s ‘heal the bay’ benefit over the weekend.

is it not so breezy and fun. do you not wish you and i were invited to such benefits where we got to dress up in designer outfits and act like we had a purpose in life? i kiddd.

the benefit was for a good cause. obvi. it was also another opportunity for stars and almost-stars to dress up and strike a pose. let us see what they wore.

::the good::

sofia vergara

this woman is smokin hot. i love this tea-length dress on sofia from the fall 2010 collection.  there’s been a lot of intense debate and controversy over the generally unflattering calf-length of such dresses. many are convinced they make women look stumpy. it is all very serious. but as we see, the length can be flattering – you just have to be non-stumpy.

i believe this is the same collection marc jacobs’ designed aimed at flattering women with fuller figures. well he definitely succeeded.  it fits her perfectly. she has the most beautiful proportions and she executes the look flawlessly – looking polished, sophisticated and super sexy at the same time.

kristen bell

kristen bell…we meet again. the girl hardly ever disappoints. i like that she makes unconventional choices and somehow almost always makes them work.  here she wears a mix/match lv blouse and skirt with an lv clutch. now, i know this look has the potential of looking like some psychedelic wallpaper from the 60’s,  but there’s just enough panache  that it works. am i making sense? it makes sense in my head.

julia jones

i don’t know who this person is. i can’t say i really care. but she is wearing a cute outfit. yes? it is nothing profound or memorable but it’s nice. there isn’t anything wrong with it.  just a nice flowy chiffon dress offset by the toughness of a cropped leather jacket

::the almosts::

molly sims

sometimes i ponder, it must be really great to be a model. everything would look great on you. even handkerchief hem shirts. molly looks very casual chic in this outfit, especially with the undone hair and the bare faced make-up. i just do not agree with the black strap across her chest. it seems quite unnecessary. and the shoes. a strappy stiletto or glads might have worked better. pointy toe pumps are throwing me off. it’s like are you doing casual or are you not? those shoes belong on a snappy lawyer with a skirt suit.

serena williams

i am so afraid of this woman and her arms. she’s like female conan.  i really feel this dress should be in ‘the ugly’ – with the fug shiny material and ruffles and all…but serena just looks so sweet in this picture. i can’t decide. look at her happily clutching the ugliest lv bag in existence.  and her make-up looks nice? let’s give her points for that

rachel zoe

it’s the original zoe-bot.

well at least she isn’t wearing a kaftan. but this new-age space suit is a bit ill-fitted. the arms are snug but it seems loose around her chest, waist and hips. i do love the high ponytail but i hate the shoes. if she was going for cuckoo she should have worn those schidzo mcqueen alien shoes.

however, i must confess that i have fallen in love with her hot pink clutch. it is an lv crocodile minaudiere tresor from the 2010 collection. i love it when plain outfits are given a pop of color with a contrasting clutch, shoes or jewelry. and black and pink is a combination that will never fail.

the object of my affection

i love you!

gabrielle reese

who the hell wears flats to a benefit? fail.

::the ugly/awesome::

i think you guys can point out which one is ‘the ugly’ and which one is ‘the awesome’ here.

gillian zinser

cameron silver

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