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one to watch: shraddha kapoor

January 26, 2011

so far, sonam kapoor has been the only bollywood starlet who has impressed me with her quirky style (and love of high-end designers) but hold your breath ladies and gents. i do believe i have discovered another young chicita who is making rounds and making waves.

so my trusty wikipedia seach tells me shraddha is the daughter of bollywood bad guy shakti kapoor (who now sports unfortunate blonde hair) and is making her debut this year with some film called teen patti. i have no idea who else is in this film.

anywhos, i dug up some of shraddha’s fab looks and am falling in love with her effortless, quirky self. she styles herself so well using dramatic pops of color to accentuate her outfits.

take a look:

this outfit is pretty simple: distressed jeans and a basic black tank. what makes it pop are the hot pink suspenders. see the importance of styling?

she looks fab at the 2011 filmfare nominations bash wearing a translucent green spring 2010 just cavalli dress.  she keeps everything else (hair, make-up, accessories) simple and lets the dress do the talking.

at the premiere of mr.singh/mrs.mehta a few months ago, shraddha teamed this paint splattered dress with bright orange tights. i absolutely love this look. it is so youthful and vibrant. and absolutely unexpected.


i am afraid i couldn’t find a full length picture of this but i am loving shradda’s laidback summery look at a launch in mumbai last year. she looks so breezy in a sleeveless turquoise top with pintuck pleats and linen pants.


it’s all about the lips baby. shraddha pulls off a punk rock/nerdy/glam chic look at the lakme fashion week. i love the checkered pants and nerd glasses; the layered necklaces, flowing hair and red lips add an element of glam.


this is by far my favorite look. it is something that really sticks in your mind. and the reason for that? electric blue booties and hot pink socks. it’s genius!!! and the fact that she manages to pull this off without looking like a moron speaks volumes.

i can’t wait to see more from madame kapoor. there should be like a sonam/shraddha fashion face-off. just the thought of it is giving me convulsions

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  • Maria Umar January 26, 2011 at 5:05 PM

    My penny’s worth – the green dress is super ugly – what’s with the bra line and the vertical line right through the middle is pathetic. The orange tights are too shocking.
    The rest is ok. Comes nowhere near Sonam Kapoor.

    • pink255 January 26, 2011 at 5:19 PM

      it’s a play on the sheer trend (!) orange tights are just right for a 21 year old girl…dressing up should be fun. she definitely has more spunk and originality than sonam. as much as i love sonam, if you study her outfits closely you will notice that they are copied exactly from magazine editorials OR net-a-porter and she sticks to designers who are KNOWN to be funky/cool…like you can’t really go wrong with a. wang or prabal.

  • pakimom January 26, 2011 at 5:45 PM

    Hmmm … there is some truth there … yep … Sonam does seem to pick the whole look out of a magazine and puts no effort into making it her own.

    • pink255 January 26, 2011 at 5:46 PM

      muaha. i win.

  • pakimom January 28, 2011 at 7:00 PM

    Some ppl have sad lives where they feel happy over winning an arguments over the better dressed: Sonam Kapoor or Shradha Kapoor.
    *Now I win* hahahaha


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