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on the fence

March 4, 2011

confusion has taken over.

i do not know how i feel about this look.

do i love it? do i hate it? what do i feel? blake lively wore this ballet inspired outfit to a chanel dinner in her honor. seriously though, blake lively is having chanel dinners thrown IN HER HONOR? f-m-l. and yours too.

she wears a shimmery white chanel couture dress with power shoulders and organza ruffle detailing around the neck and skirt. the dress is perfect for a new-age, super-fashionable angel but does it work on blake?

what about the shoes? too ballerina-y. too white? too satiny? i hate to admit they remind me of those cheap imitation satin dye-em-yourself shoes from payless.

i just can’t decide!  a part of me thinks she looks demure and classy and very lady-like, a part of me thinks she looks too old and boring.

i think i know what it is – the hair. something is just off about it.  something sleek might have worked better. i guess we will never know. and as much as i absolutely love those gorgeous emerald and yellow diamond earrings, i think they are also aging her.  for a dress with so much going on in the shoulder/neck area, perhaps the eye-catching accessorizing should have been done in the wrist area. maybe?

someone help me!

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