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May 25, 2011

katie holmes was never much of a fashionista for me, but i remember her glory days well – the days she just started tom cruise, before he sucked all the life out of her.

i digress.

at the 56th annual drama desk awards in nyc yesterday, katie holmes wore this:

when i first saw the images of her, i instantly fell in love with the color. this jewel tone fuschia is gorgeous, and she looks absolutely radiant in it. however, upon closer inspection, my love for the look dwindled. woe me.

katie wears a holmes & yang blouse + skirt combo – something we don’t see much on the red carpet. especially when the final look is basically just a gown. i mean, why put so much effort into it.  the blouse features an oversized pussybow tie and puffed cap sleeves, the skirt is pleated allowing for movement and fluidity. though, i love the style of both the blouse and the skirt, i don’t think they fit her all that well – or maybe she just didn’t tuck correctly.  strappy black sandals and a black clutch complete the look.

but there is no question about how stunning she looks neck up.  she is glowing in this color, she should wear it all the time. i am so sick of seeing her in dowdy mama mode. her hair looks clean and healthy. this is what movie star glam should be about – not this.


with that, i bid you farewell.

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