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of velvet and pants…

December 5, 2010

i seriously could not think of a better title than that. it is too cold to be witty.  so every year as winter rolls around, everyone remembers that rich, opulent fabric we know of as velvet. this year, more than others, velvet has seen a kind of reawakening. for the 2011 winter season, international heavyweights like alexander wang, alexander mcqueen and dolce and gabbana all used the fabric for key pieces in their collections.  over here on this side of the world, designers like manish malhotra, sabyasachi and hassan shehryar yasin have been known to use velvet extensively. velvet is perfect for winter wedding outfits in the subcontinent, lending the perfect element of decadence to any look.

with that said, i never thought velvet pants would catch on. so it was quite surprising for me to see TWO velvet pant sightings within the span of ONE week.



it is interesting to me that two women with such distinct styles as angelina jolie and kourney kardashian would both embrace this trend. i am not jumping on the velvet pant bandwagon just yet, but i do not think these two look as atrocious as i expected them to. i mean, just the though of velvet pants made me shudder.

at the premiere of ‘megamind’, angelina wears hers with a beautiful, beaded sheer top and velvet blazer. i do wish she had left the blazer at home, it is a different shade of black than the pants and just looks a little off.  and her top is beautiful, she should have showed it off.

at a book signing in culver city, kourtney wears her pants in a more dressed down manner, with a silk salmon button-up shirt and bright lips. she looks polished and well put together.

so which one gets your vote?

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