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Obsession du Jour: Gold Ring Sets

May 29, 2013




If you’re like me you are totally obsessed with the multiple ring craze. There is something so punk-y cool about adorning all of your fingers with smooth, gold or silver bands. The trends started with Maison Martin Margiela and Balenciaga. Now, obviously, you can find cheaper versions at high street stores which are just as chic.

Here are my picksMaison Martin Margiela and Asos gold rings

The Maison Martin Margiela set has 4 smooth gold bands for each one of your fingers. It retails for about $500 and you can buy it here

The Asos set is much more pocket friendly and contains 8 rings in different sizes to give you more variety. It retails for about $13.00 and you can buy it here

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