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Obsession du Jour: Couture Princesses

February 25, 2013

I know I am so behind with this, but my obsession with Harrod’s couture take on Disney princesses. This past Christmas, Harrod’s asked 10 of the world’s best designers to create haute couture dresses for the Disney princesses. I am in dying overeach dress and love the brooding, almost vampy feel of the photographs – totally offsets the femininity of the dresses.

HarrodsDisneyPrincessHautecouture-1 HarrodsDisneyPrincessHautecouture-3-1 HarrodsDisneyPrincessHautecouture-5-1 HarrodsDisneyPrincessHautecouture-7-1 HarrodsDisneyPrincessHautecouture-9-1 HarrodsDisneyPrincessHautecouture-11-1 HarrodsDisneyPrincessHautecouture-13-1 HarrodsDisneyPrincessHautecouture-15-1 HarrodsDisneyPrincessHautecouture-17-1 HarrodsDisneyPrincessHautecouture-19-1

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