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needed: fashion intervention

April 26, 2011

it pains me to say this, but little hayden has always been a bit sartorially challenged. has she not? i do not remember a single instance where this starlet has really wow’ed me. on the contrary, most of the time she manages to chose the one outfit that makes her look stumpy, chubby or just plain awful.

so we all understand that colored denim is the new big thing this year,  but what we all really need to understand is that not everyone can pull off colored denim.  and by that i mean people with legs which are not 5 feet. anyone else will just end up looking like a leprechaun. hayden’s j-brand 912 jeans are fabulous, esp paired with a leather bomber jacket – but they would look so much more fabulous on someone like giselle. or sjp. or anyone with teeny tiny legs. or long legs.

the pictures above are great examples of chicas who should wear colored denim. see how great they all look?

so after that disaster, hayden decided to wear this atrocity to the screening of her latest film at the tribeca film festival.

seriously. what’s goin on here? why does her hair look like that? why does her skirt look like it got into a fight with a paper shredder? and is that a cropped orange tank top? what is this?

she has a pretty face, why does she ruin it with such heinous hair/makeup/clothes?

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