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ms. ranaut

April 17, 2011

much to my surprise, kangana ranaut has proven herself to be one of the most fashionable women in bollywood time and time again.

at the miss femina india 2011 pageant, kangana made an appearance and looking absolutely divine.

the dress, the hair, the necklace – it is all just perfect.

kangana wears a strapless deep blue karen millen dress that stops just short of the ankles. it is an interesting length but i think kangana carries it off perfectly. but what is really catching my eye here is that gorrrgeous necklace. i am lusting after it.

the turquoise + crystal necklace is really what takes this ensemble over the edge into fabulousness territory.  it instantly lends an otherwise done-to-death color/fabric/style some oomph. the best thing? it is the way the necklace is pulled back and pinned to drape down kangana’s back.

how very holly golightly.

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