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mcqueen mania

June 9, 2011

indian socialites are insanely rich, some of them are richer than their american counterparts. but that really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, especially considering the stats on the forbes’ billionaires list (2 indians in the top 10)

what i love about the indian socialites is how obsessed they are with designer duds – and not just any designers, they have to be wearing the most expensive ones.

anu dewan is one of those chicas. take a look:

at the moet and chandon dinner in mumbai earlier this week, anu wore a mcqueen ensemble. now we all know how much i lust after mcqueen, i do. but even i ¬†think this is a taddd much. it’s like mcqueen overkill (i’m sorry fashion gods)

anu has managed to take two of those most interesting pieces from mcqueen and mash them together in a regrettable manner. that dress is absolutely stunning – freida pinto wore the same last year. but you can’t tell can you? someone should have advised her to tie her hair so the detailing on the shoulders could be seen.

moving along. the tights. seriously? why did she think it was ok to pair those tights with that dress? a simple black tunic would have worked sooo much better.

i won’t say anything about the clutch, other than it is pretty edgy and so NOT anu. but gorgeous nonetheless (i’m a bit biased) thoughts?

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  • Asmah June 9, 2011 at 4:31 PM

    She absolutely blew it Amara J
    Why did she need tights? Is she did, why not sheers?
    And that clutch is lost in all that confusion! The hair is disastrous more so as it covers the shoulders like you said! Mc Queen must be turning in his coffin twice over!
    She looks tired and makes it seem like the dress did it:(
    Worst thing: it’s not fair that they get the dough when they don’t have the taste:P

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