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lea michele shines in pucci

December 10, 2011

the entire time i was looking at images of lea michele from her appearance on the tonight show with jay leno i was thinking OH MY GOD I WANT THOSE EFFIN LEGS. seriously. you know you do too.
the glee starlet looked amazingly glamorous in her gorgeous black and gold emilio pucci resort 2012 minidress. this dress is stunning. the black and gold lace is so over-the-top glam, how can you not love it.  the dress has a plunging keyhole and a scalloped hem. i know the length is really really short, but with legs like that, i say work it.

i never liked lea, she seems really full of herself but i am just so obsessed with this dress. pucci really churns out some amazing divalicious designs. glossy tousled waves and gold louboutins complete this luxe look. the dress is a bit much for this occasion, but i think lea has made a habit of overdressing most of the time. i’m not complaining, i tend to overdress most of the time too.


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