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Lawn Loving: Fahad Hussayn

April 13, 2017

Leave it to Fahad Hussayn to get me excited about lawn.


I haven’t really been keeping up with lawn mania this time around, and from what I have seen all of the major designer collections look like ditto copies of each other. BUT when I saw Fahad Hussayn’s new collection on Facebook yesterday my heart skipped a beat. In true FH style he has brought the “cool” back to lawn. The new Print Museum collection is a limited edition capsule of 16 prints that includes 6 traditional 3 piece lawn suits and 10 stand alone designs. It is the stand alone designs that have got me REALLY excited.

Taking influence from the story of Dara Shikoh (the Mughal Prince, son of Shah Jahan, bro of Aurangzeb) and a fictional¬†churail,¬†the lawn follows the same theme as Hussayn’s recently presented couture bridal collection, featuring designs from Persian folklore and architecture. These designs, combined with Hussayn’s masterful use of colour and drapery, make for a standout selection of pieces. Using signature FH silhouettes, the designer has ensured that the dresses are wearable, not over-the-top or gimmicky. The price range is a little high for lawn, ranging from 6,000 to 19,000 PKR but considering you are getting a piece designed and stitched by the best in the business it might just be worth it.

The collection officially launched on April 15th but the pieces are available for pre-order now on Fahad Hussayn’s website: here


Florals are done to death in the lawn industry, what sets this one apart is the block colour on the bodice and hem.


Unexpected print details (um, elephant heads anyone?) and that gorgeous hot pink are calling out to me.


This is my favourite lawn concoction of all time. Period.


Give ma black and a flattering cut any-day.


Red is usually not my colour but the drama in this shirt is irresistable.


One of my favourite silhouettes ever, combined with a punchy summer colour palette.

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  • All About Sana April 13, 2017 at 8:16 PM

    Thank you! These pieces are absolutely gorgeous. Leave it the fashion bloggers to tell international clients the latest, trendiest items on the market. Thanks!

    • pink255 April 15, 2017 at 2:41 PM

      Thank you Sana!!