launch: misha lakhani

misha lakhani debuted her collection last night in clifton’s trendy block 4.  i think a lot of people were curious to see what misha would bring to the table, considering her last name. due to the insane rush at the boutique, i didn’t have a chance to take a good look at the offerings, but i will bring you a closer look at the collection in the upcoming week.

for now, take a look at what went down at the launch.

the lady of the hour: misha

heavy-hitters: aamna isani in sonya battla, frieha altaf in misha lakhani and huma adnan in fnk asia.


a lovely silk shirt @ misha lakhani

some fashionable ladies at the launch: amina, maira and zil. drooling over the celine maira!

the most stylish man in the room: zurain imam


more intricate hand-embroideries at misha lakhani

i saw so many amazing accessories at the launch


le sigh. amina isani’s knuckeduster


yours truly. wearing khaadi khaas

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  1. Sonia says:

    Wonder ful Collection By misha lakhani good addition in industry

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