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‘ladies vs. ricky bahl’ in dubai: anuskha + ranveer

December 14, 2011

anushka sharma and ranveer singh, the super adorable couple from my fave bollywood flick of last year, have paired up again for the ladies vs. ricky bahl. the movie recently premiered at the dubai international film festival and can i just say, these two pretty much blew everyone out of the water.

ranveer looked dapper in a black suit, which would have been perfect if it wasn’t for those strange velvet panels. ok and maybe the hair is a bit unfortunate. but i don’t really think anyone is noticing him when he is standing next to the goddess that is anushka sharma.

anushka does high-voltage glamour in a shimmering cream rachel gilbert gown. the strapless, a-line gown is perfection on the statuesque actress, and she takes it to the next level with flawless styling.

a voluminous blowdry, perfect makeup and diamond earrings – anushka is a glamazon. i really don’t think i have ever seen her look so fabulous. this look is even better than her mint green dior. she is really stunning, I LOVE HER.

with that said, they both also looked pretty fab at the photocall.

love love what ranveer is wearing here, a perfect daytime suit imo. so chic.

anushka is in sabyasachi and the world’s most perfect hairstyle.


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