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lackluster: preity zinta @ ‘ishq in paris’ premiere

June 26, 2012

everyone remember the days when preity zinta was a bubbly, vibrant fashionista? yeah those days seem to be long gone.

now we have this.

i don’t understand this. she looks like she is dressed for a charity luncheon or an office dinner or something – not her big comeback movie premiere.  where is the super-chic preity we all used to know and love? WHERE? (see examples 1|2|3|4)  preity’s white and black outfit could have worked if the blazer was not so ill-fitted and if the skirt did not have those ugly flower applique thingies.  and i don’t even know what the crystal bow belt is about. this is a serious lapse of judgment. preity needs to get her game back. pronto.

also, what has she done to her beautiful face? is it me or is she lookin’ a little plastic?  and who does their hair like that? shirley temple? the worst thing is that everyone else at the premiere was better dressed than her. a post on that coming up in a bit.

step up girl. step.up.

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