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knight and day premiere

June 18, 2010


can we take a moment and admire these delightful little shoe specimen?

now tell me – have you fallen head first, heart thumpingly in love with these shoes as yours truly has? i am lusting after these 2010 lanvin platform pumps. jewelry on your feet! where do they come up with this stuff?! pure genius.

but these shoes – gorgeous black pumps with ankle straps, accessorized with chunky gold chains. perfect manifestation of a classic design with a contemporary twist.

oh, in my moment of love-blindness i forgot to mention that these shoes were worn by cameron diaz at the premiere of ‘knight and day’ in seville, spain yesterday.

as for the rest of her:

they go on and on

i mean her legs, obvi. cam is wearing a one shouldered, ruched lanvin spring 2010 mini dress. i am having mixed feelings.the dress is interesting with unique ruching detail and an interesting cut, however, to me it just looks wrinkled. i think the problem, for me, is that the material of the dress is not jet black therefore leaving it looking less polished than it should.

cam is so fun and carefree and does color SO well. seeing her in black is always a disappointment for me.

however, i do feel that the shoes are the star of this look. despite the extremity of design on the dress, they maintain their position as the focal points…they really are the saving grace for me.

as for her face, i think she looks old and weird. red lips are too severe for her, i dont know why people like this look on her. i prefer her hair in messy waves around her shoulders and her make-up light and fresh letting those stunning blue eyes grab the attention- that’s what the cameron diaz look is all about.

then there’s the weirdest couple EVER tomkat. it’s interesting. katie always looks so sad to me, like tom has put her under some sort of strange alien scientologist incarceration. it all seems very off to me.

here they are cuddling up for the cameras.


they are so awkward together are they not?

katie is wearing an embellished white  spring 2010 azzedine alaia dress with a fitted bodice and a tiered skirt while tommy wears major man-heels to equate himself with her epic tallness (i do realise that tallness is not a real word)

here is a picture that does both of them more justice:


tom cruise has a plastic face everyone. remember when he used to be hot? circa mission impossible 2? yeah, those days are apparently long gone. closed chapter. finito.

katie seems to be attempting to express some kind of emotion, i can’t pinpoint which one exactly.  but let’s focus on the dress, i think this angle really shows us what a horrible horrible fit this dress has. it is incredibly unflattering on katie and i am surprised suri let her walk out of the house like this.  she needs better support, wayyy better support. and the skirt is flaring out at the most random of places. i fail to understand. whoever fitted this dress for her needs to be fired and banished from all realms of fashion.

and is it me or does she look like she has the legs of a linebacker. i kid.

love the shoes though – bronze alaia heels

the co-stars:

seriously, tom’s face is creeping me out on so many levels.  i do love watching him in movies though, the man has presence.

he is wearing armani. if any one cares. also, if anyone cares, he is wearing a suit jacket with skinny jeans. seriously tom, step up your game. a plastic face isn’t enough to cut it anymore.

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  • Bee June 18, 2010 at 12:53 PM

    “jewelry on your feet! where do they come up with this stuff?! pure genius.” yes love, in the sub continent these are called ‘pazaib’.

    i LOVE Katie’s shoes. i want i want i want! and thank you for mentioning the legs. they were throwing me off big time.

    • pink255 June 18, 2010 at 1:00 PM

      yes, but have you even seen a pazaib incorporated into the design of a shoe???

      ok wait, don’t answer that – i’ve seen it myself.

      katie’s legs make me feel better about my own.