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kim k. hits up dubai

October 19, 2011

kim kardashian’s dubai tour was insane, i swear – she was all over the place and from twitter and the crowds at each appearance, it seems like the emiratis were quite excited to see her in their neck of the woods.

kim usually chooses looks which are flattering for her very curvy body, although i feel kourtney is the sister with the best style, kim isn’t too adventurous and usually looks well put-together. however, i often find her clothes a bit too tight. perhaps she should think of going up a size.

so what did kim wear while gallavanting around dubai? let us take a look

:: arrival ::

for her arrival to dubai, kim opted for a classic black and white combo with a bit of sass in the form of leopard print pumps. i actually really like this look, i find it very flattering on her. the high-waisted pants aren’t clinging to her, neither is the blouse. the wide black leather belt emphasizes her waist, making it look tiny.  a black hermes birkin and leopard print louboutins finish off the look. this is very business-like. i thought she was setting the tone for the rest of the trip but she soon appeared in a short, tight number so i guess not. eh.

:: at the atlantis hotel ::

love this outfit. hate those shoes.

why the hell would ANYONE in their right mind think that those shoes are acceptable for ANY outfit? i mean, just because they’re louboutins doesn’t mean they’re working. i honestly feel like kim’s lady daf louboutins are bringing down the fabulousness of this look. kim does colorblock right with gorgeous shades of yellow and teal l’wren scott seperates.  her bright yellow sleeveless top has a pussybow tie and the high waisted teal skirt perfectly compliments that.  a gold chanel clutch and half up hair give this look a very polished feel.

:: launching millions of milkshakes ::

at the launch of millions of milkshakes kim opted for a tan shift dress accessories with a black belt with gold chains.  her dress has a very roland mouret vibe, but i’m sure of who the designer is. the belt makes for an interesting statement piece. i love her shoes here, glad she didn’t wear those atrocious lady dafs. her nude peeptoes are perfect for this look. again, i have an issue with the tightness of this dress, but she looks good. wavy hair andthat ridiculous wedding ring complete the look.

:: at sephora ::

umm, i kinda hate this dress.  the ruched top, the black oraganza overlay – it just looks like a hot mess. the dress is from alice and olivia’s pre-fall 2011 collection, and it is definitely the wrong choice for kim. the fitting is all wrong for her body type and wtf did she add that necklace for? bizarre choice.  makeup and hair – flawless as usual.

:: at dubai mall ::

for her appearance at the dubai mall (where apparently over 50,000 people tried to catch a glimpse of kk) kim opted for a hot red mcqueen gown. this color is stunning. and i love it against her raven hair.  the crossover, draped gown has embellished and cutout shoulders, adding a bit of shine to the look. a matching red belt cinches it at the waist, creating definition.  the dress is actually a longer version of the one frieda pinto sported last year. i wish kimmy had stuck to the same embellished belt as frieda, that would have been spectacular. i’m just doing to ignore those shoes because they piss me off too much. ignoring the shoes – a plus for this look.

:: camel riding and stuff ::

loooooving this silk burgundy kaftan with heavily embellished neckline. apparently this kaftan was presented to kim as a gift from one of her fans. it is totally something i see myself wearing. i think this goes to show (and hopefully it shows kim) that you don’t always have to go short and tight to look chic and beautiful. i loved the kaftan her mama was wearing as well.

… and then there was this

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