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keeping it casual: kim kardashian

December 29, 2010

i’ll admit, i love kim kardashian’s casual sidewalk style. she always looks well put-together and on-trend. i’ll admit she cakes on the make-up and usually looks very dressed up, even when hitting the gym but she looks fabulous and that should be everyone’s aim in life.


a few days before christmas, kim k was spotted at a children’s hospital in l.a handing out toys to the young patients. now i will admit it wasn’t very classy to invite the paps as you pass out gifts to ill children but come on, it’s kim k.

anywho, i am loving her outfit here. so simple and uber-stylish. kim is wearing an ivory satin blazer with folded sleeves, a taupe tank top underneath, gray jeans and thigh-high brown boots. she accessorizes with a brown fringe necklace and a brown chloe bag. the ponytail is perfect, there are few people who can carry it off. and as always the make-up is flawless.

i would’ve loved this look if the blazer was different, the as you’ll see in the next picture the satiny texture was just too much with the gray jeans and brown boots, a white or even beige blazer would have been better. agreed?


ps- i want to make $6 million a year for being a beautiful bimbo.

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  • Bolshevik December 29, 2010 at 11:38 PM

    Dil jalaya kero tum sirf. *cries* And yeah, a non-shiny blazer would’ve been perfect with this. But waiiiiiN!!!

    • pink255 December 30, 2010 at 10:51 AM

      mera dil bhi tho jal tha hai. enjoy it woman, enjoy