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kate overload

July 4, 2011

ok seriously, even i have had too much of kate middleton. i have to push myself to write this post. like as we speak, i am falling asleep. why IS that? i think kate needs to spice things up. catherine? kate? whatever

ok i’m just being catty. i think she’s adorable. let’s take a look at which dresses made a statement during her canadian tour.


:: leaving london ::

you know, i used to want hair like olivia palermo. i am pretty sure i now want hair like catherine/kate middleton. i think i should just start referring to her as the duchess. ok seriously. look at that mane. it’s insane. i am in love.

the duchess boarded her plane for canada in this very business-like navy outfit. the outfit itself is very serious, but it is also very chic. she wears a roland mouret dress which has some beautiful subtle folds at the neck

i wish she had left the blazer at home, the dress itself would have looked great on her. but i guess she is trying to be as demure as possible. how non-mobama of her. a matching bag and monolo pumps finish off the look. my favorite part about this look is the mulberry bag – how delish.


:: landing in ottawa ::

upon her arrival in ottawa, the duchess appeared in a 3-quartered sleeve lace dress by erdem from the 2012 resort collection. looks like she got the memo about navy. i actually love this dress, i’m glad theres no lining under the sleeves – it looks so much more stylish this way. but i wish she had worn the navy monolo’s from the previous look. these beige pumps will be the death of me. the make me want to shake some sense into frail little catherine.  and again, i find myself enamored with her hair.

:: concert on parliament hill ::

when pictures of kate from the concert on parliament hill were released, we all breathed a sigh a relief.

finally. a change of color.

ok so this dress is a gorgeous color, and it’s a gorgeous style. i love the pleated details. BUT it is literally hanging off her body.  i know us fashion people (hahah) are always criticizing people for being too fat or not fit enough – but i honestly think sister needs a cheeseburger.  this being so thin business is aging her too. also the hair. i think the whole look is aging. which is a shame because this is the “youngest” dress she’s worn on the whole trip thus far.


:: tree planting ceremony ::

this is a beautiful hue on the duchess. she looks ah-mazing. also, NICE SHOES?!?!?!?!?! yes it is true. she is wearing tabitha simmons’ dela pumps. probably the best shoes i have ever seen her wear. do you all see how much excitement this is causing me? DO YOU.  this catherine walker dress, with a peter pan color and cuffed sleeves, is very flattering on her thin frame (unlike the purple issa dress). she looks skinny but healthy.  she is still sticking to a monochromatic theme in her outfits, i think she should start breaking out of that shell and add pieces with some contrast.

:: canada day ::

i have one major qualm about this look and i cannot get over it. i just cannot.

no. it is not okay to wear red shoes with a white dress. it just isn’t.  and not red pumps. never

other than that she looks smashing. i really think white is her color. for those of you with a good eye, this is the same dress from her official engagement photo. she is just so resourceful isn’t she? i swear she recycles more outfits than i do.  the duchess is all dolled up for canada day here, hence the red and white. ankle up, she looks great. how much do we love that anya hindmarch clutch? so glad to see her finally infusing some fun into her looks. and also the maple leaf fascinator, i love. she just carries it off so well.


:: in quebec ::

another blue erdem dress.

do you all see why i am getting bored of her?


well, at least this is a brighter blue. and i love the lace yolk, very very sophisticated and trendy. i just don’t understand why she paired this look up with a beige clutch and THOSE pumps. i really don’t.

i really hope she breaks out the yellow and the lime greens for the l.a part of this trip.

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