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kate bosworth: queen of being seen

July 25, 2010

the last thing i remember seeing kate bosworth in was that one surfer movie where everyone ran around in bikinis. there was a cute boy involved, if memory serves me correctly. point being, katie-poo here is supposed to be an actress but i am guessing she ain’t that great at it – otherwise, wouldn’t she be appearing in some pretty great films? (honestly i wouldn’t know, i don’t really do movies unless they involve bollywood dance sequences) but she isn’t and has slowly developed herself into some sort of fashion icon. although i cannot understand why…there is nothing special about her look –  sienna miller does the boho thing better and diane does the casual chic better, so what is kate’s niche i ask you. WHAT is it???

this week alone kate was seen at three fashion events. girl is on a mission.

at the launch of burberry’s new beauty line in l.a. on the 15th, kate wears a lace dress from the prorsum pre-fall 2010 collection. ok i actually really like this dress; it is classy and feminine with the right amount of detailing to keep it interesting i.e.  the lace overlay and ruched skirt. i like the brown belt, it breaks up the color and lends a feel of casualness to the whole look. however, i wish she had applied just a bit more make-up. and maybe brushed her hair a bit? she is close to having suzanne roshan syndrome.

at mulberry’s pool party (and showing of the fall 2010 collection), kate joined other hollywood starlets. she is wearing a generic outfit with a pretty fantabulous accessory, the mulberry margret leopard print bag. i’m all about leopard print, have i mentioned my love for it before? well i’m doing it now. i love it. and this bag is pretty yum. bday gift? anyone? ps – i always thought that i hated jeggings, then i bought a pair. they’re really comfy. i’ve had a change of heart.

here is kate at a dinner for brit designer vanessa bruno wearing  a mix of pieces from the designer’s spring 2010 line. this shade of orange is quite lovely. however, it is too much with the matching blouse and pumps. i wish she had skipped out on the blouse or wore it with something contrasting. this all just meshes together, and not in a good way. again, her hair and make-up are in need of a major improvement.

but do you see my pretties? being seen is the only way to keep yourself relevant, and that is something kate has apparently become a master of.

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  • I July 25, 2010 at 7:56 AM

    jeggings? really? and you? they are FUG.

    • pink255 July 25, 2010 at 5:43 PM

      These are yes, mine are not. And they are comfy.