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jessica alba in balmain

August 26, 2010

it seems as though for the last couple of seasons everyone and their mama wants to get their hands on a balmain. the majority of us,  those who cannot afford the ridiculously priced items, found cheaper alternatives and have worn them out so much that i swear to the lord almighty, if i see another pointed shoulder again i will rip it apart and make the wearer eat it. juss sayin’

at the premiere of  ‘machete’ in l.a yesterday, everyone was yapping about lilo’s absence but all eyes were on madame alba. jessica alba donned a gold and black zigzag balmain dress with black strappy louboutin booties.

i gotta say i’m a fan of these uber-sharp shoulders which have become a trademark of balmain. however, there is not much new about this look. i think we see someone wearing sculpted shoulders and ankle booties on a daily basis. what gives this dress an edge is the zigzag print.  it’s a nice change from the usual. we don’t see zigzag much unless it is on a missoni. and we don’t see missoni much. that alongwith with the gold and black combination is giving off a cool retro vibe.

the girl is so incredibly gorgeous but there is something about her. like, i am not sure if i love her or if i find her kind of annoying. but she isn’t annoying is she? i think it’s all the negative stuff i read about her on blogs. stop trash talkin’ people! you are messing with my head.

anywho, back to how gorgeous she is. jessica’s make-up is almost always flawless. i love the nude bronzed makeup and slightly tousled hair. it keeps the whole look from being too serious.

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  • Daniel Sigafoos October 8, 2010 at 2:00 PM

    Jessica Alba is my idol and i hope to meet her one day she has encouraged me so much. She is a hot as chick as well. Jessica has shown so many characters in movies which is one of the reasons why i love her so much and well when she played honey in the movies honey I absolutely admired her for her work