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May 19, 2010

looks like ash took a page out of deepika’s book.

at the premiere of the outsider @ cannes, she looks absofreakinlutely stunning in a gold sabyasachi sari with a contrasting emerald green blouse

ladies and gents - say hello to mr.bachan's crazy eyes

ok ‘stunning’ might be saying a lot, but i have always upheld the belief that ash is one of those people who will always always look better in ethnic/eastern wear than in these gowns that she wears and subsequently destroys. also, let us ignore the fact that abhishek has crazy eyes in the picture.

the sari itself is not out of the ordinary, it might even be argued that it is a bit dowdy—but it still works.

and if i may point out, there is no smirk in these pictures. she looks graceful and she looks her AGE. not like some tarty starlet trying to seduce the camera.

now he has a faraway, dreamy look in his eyes

many have criticized her hair and make-up as being too severe, i will disagree with that. i think, facewise, she looks amazing. but i have always gravitated towards smoky eyes/nude lips – it’s my thing.

i also like that there is no jewelry, there is something very sensual about a bare neck – and it ensures that attention stays focused on her face…which is clearly the star of the night.

ok all my personal preferences aside, and considering this is a cannes red carpet for god’s sake – not dinner at your auntie ruby’s house, i think she should have dressed it up a bit. a pair of kundan jhumkas might have done the trick.

i’ve noted that ash (alongwith the rest of bollywood) is a big sabyasachi fan. she has worn his creations on many occasions, including her appearance on oprah last year.

::filmfare awards 2009::

ash wore a gold/black sari to the filmfare awards in 2009. the sari here is verrrry reminiscent of the one featured above, is it not? actually the whole look is pretty much identical. i guess ash isn’t one for innovation :/

::rann film premiere 2010::

At the premiere of the movie rann (i’ve never heard of it either) ash wore a beautiful embroidered black and red anarkali. LOVE.

ps- WHERE THE HELL IS DEEPIKA. I am having ash-overdose.

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