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hina rabbani khar: look 2

July 28, 2011

how in the hell did this woman become a fashion “icon” in like the span of 2 hours?

does this mean if i get a birkin i will ALSO be a fashion icon? le sigh.

ps – the part i love the most? pakistani designers and socialites who probably never gave a rat’s ass about hina’s wardrobe giving comments to indian press about how fabulously fashion savvy she has always been. i laugh.

and again, i digress.

so the first look on this official tour was a simple blue ensemble with some stellar accessories,  the second look was somewhat the same.

can i just say…she looks stunning in white.

another well-tailored, simple monochromatic look from the foreign minister. hina wears a straight raw-silk kameez with straight trousers and a chiffon dupatta. my favorite part about this look is the start contrast between her accessories and her clothes – you can never go wrong with black and white.

and i swear to the good lord this is the first time i have ever seen a politician, from any country, wear shoes that i would wear myself. that in itself is a feat. the controversial birkin is also firmly in place.

also, i have never seen anyone rock a dupatta on their head so well.  the understated pearl jewelry makes another appearance and it works perfectly.

it is very hard to wear the same style in a solid color with the same accessories and not bore people, but she manages to keep the spark.

i don’t want to sound like i’m gushing about her just because we’re from the same country and i’m obliged to, because we all know that i’m really not obliged to do anything – especially where it concerns fashion critique.  but hina just shows you that you either got grace or you don’t. money cannot buy you class.

it can get you a 17 lakh rupee ( $20k) birkin though.

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