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haute joaillerie 2010

July 20, 2010

so we all know about the fabulousness that is haute couture – the indescribably beautiful clothes, the decadence, the flash. well, do you know the same principles are applied to jewelry? each season major design houses showcase collections of some very very beautiful, and very very expensive, jewelry.

the majority of the designers seemed to have laid their focus on a wildlife theme – incorporating flora, fauna and animals into their jewels. here are collections from this season that caught my eye.

boucheron had the timeless diamonds while chanel’s jewels were an homage to plumage. the feather pin, on the left in the picture below, has been one of the most popular pieces from the entire season.


taking a cue from the clothes, dior’s pieces seem like they are straight out of a garden. the line, bagues incroyables, was designed by victoire de castellane  and has the most gorgeous gigantor rings and necklaces. true masterpieces.

::van cleef & arpels::

van cleef & arpels pieces are legendary. their collection,  20,000 leagues under the sea (or les voyages extraordinaires),  brings to life the tales of jules verne with diamonds and rare precious stones. the elephant brooch with the amber drop is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. love.

::louis vuitton::

louis vuitton’s debut haute joaillerie collection, titled l’aime du voyage (the soul of the trip), consists of six sets taking inspiration from his various travels. the pieces (shanghai, cabaret and tribal) were designed by lorenz baümer who worked in vuitton’s trademark clover into the designs, alongwith use of the circle motif symbolizing perfection and knickknacks such as guitar picks and safety pins.


to celebrate its 150th anniversary chopard  introduced a brand new haute watch line. the new collection comprises of 15 watches, featuring three distinctive designs including a polar bear on an ice floe, a monkey jumping through lush jungle branches and a penguin among his companions. molded in 18-karat gold and sparkling diamonds with a mother-of-pearl background, these pieces are absolutely gorgeous

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  • Peter Goodall July 23, 2010 at 6:48 PM

    amazing designs and also great combination of colors..

    • pink255 July 23, 2010 at 6:54 PM

      agreed peter. would be great if i could afford some of these :)