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good dang girl

November 15, 2010

when the f*ck did THIS happen?

when did the little mousey girl from harry potter get so fierce??? i am in shock. i must admit i have never been one of those people on the emma bandwagon. i never saw the appeal that the whole world seemed to gush about but god dang she killllled it at the premiere of the latest harry potter movie last week.



she looks insanely sexy without being over the top.  she looks almost wholesome, and that is saying a lot considering her bra is visible.  i think its the pixie cut – gives her a cute, innocent vibe. emma is wearing an absolutely gorg lace dress by rafeal lopez with cap sleeves and a feathered skirt.

i am in loveeee. i want to shout it from the rooftops. i want to do the jitterbug. i want legs like hers so i can wear a dress like that.  ok enough of my theatrics, let’s get back to the look. as i said, emma manages to maintain a perfect blend of sexy wholesomeness. this dress is a perfect choice for the young starlet who has been trying to break out of the ‘hermoine’ image for so long now – it is fun, flirty yet sophisticated. she has really outdone herself.


her chunky black velvet pumps offset the femininity of the dress and dainty drop earrings complete the look. her make-up is flawless and the hair is slicked back giving her an overall uber-polished look. i’m looking forward to watching her on this promo tour.


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