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‘going the distance’: drew’s promo looks

August 27, 2010

it’s been a while since we have seen drew barrymore on the red carpet…or in a movie for that matter. i love drew. she is so cuckoo and fun. and she sometimes looks like a hot mess but somehow still manages to look as cute as a button. how does she do it?

drew has been busy promoting her new film ‘going the distance’ with her on-off boyfriend justin long (yes!  the dude from the great television classic that was ‘ed’ AND ‘jeepers creepers’ – he is such a star)

let’s take a look at some of her looks

at the london premiere of the film, drew wore a gray alexander mcqueen mcq dress. the dress, despite the draping and the military chic vibe, is kind of a snore. i mean come on woman, it’s YOUR premiere. she disappoints.
the balmain belt was a great idea, otherwise this outfit would have been a total dud. i also want to take a comb and brush her hair. i do not mind the ombre coloring but the rattiness and the pseudo-dreadlocks are creepin me out. also creepin me out – the ghostly white foundation. horrible job on the makeup…someone needs to be fired.


now THIS is movie star glamor. at the l.a premiere of the film, drew wears a beautiful gold brocade gown by catherine malandrino from the resort collection. she looks absolutely stunning. the hair is perfect, the makeup is perfect, the accessories are perfect. the shoe choice, however, is horrendous. she is wearing the same gray ysl trib twos she wore with the mcq dress. i think they fail both times. she should have chosen a tougher shoe with the london look and a more blingy one with this one. thoughts? i love those colorful, tribal hoop earrings. so chic and so drew.

those beautiful earrings and the trib twos make another appearance as drew arrives for her spot at dave lettermen’s show. there is something terribly wonderful about this look. i love it on her. i think she looks great, despite wearing shiny pleated pants. how many people do you know who can pull this off?  they look very nerd-chic on drew. pairing these pants with a sheer, sequined richard chai top was pure genius. the whole  thing comes together really well.

yeh for drew, can’t wait to see more of her and her quirkiness.

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  • Jenna September 2, 2010 at 3:06 AM

    Agreed! Drew can do sooooo much better. Love your blog! Welcome to IFB…you will love it. If you need any help, just give me a shout-out :) Drop in and say hello on my blog too :)